I have bought the [course] and am struggling with [issue], can you help?

Firstly, check out the Fenrir Canine Training channel on YouTube where we cover a number of common problems with both puppy training and older dogs. If we haven't answered your question there and you can't find the answer in the course, please complete the Contact Us form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Do you sell products?

Yes! Head to


Will you be doing harnesses?

We will! They're in the prototype stage now so we are still a few months away, but we're gradually increasing our range to include all the products you might need for your canine companian, and a few things for yourself too!


My dog is having [behaviour problem], can you help?

We offer one-to-one behaviour consultations to cover any issues you are having with your dog. Also check out the Fenrir Canine Training channel on YouTube where we cover lots of different elements of training for free. Unfortunately we are unable to respond to individual queries on behaviour as we simply receive too many. 


I'm thinking about getting a [breed], can you recommend a breeder?

We don't recommend breeders to people that we don't have personal experience with. We would recommend doing some detailed research into the best breeders for the breed you're looking for and considering things such as - whether you want them to be from a family environment, what level of training you are looking for, the health checks you wish to have been completed etc. 


Who are your leaders and what do they do?

Our Fenrir Canine Leaders are like our brand ambassadors, they're influencers or canine leaders who we love and who help to support us a brand. You can check them out on our Leaders page